Camp for Your Health 

Healthy camping – sound too good to be true?

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Have no fear! Camping for the weekend doesn’t have to mean that you have to throw away weeks of hard work. Actually, getting away from the stress of day to day life can provide you with the relaxation you need to refresh your mind and body!

If you have changed the way you eat, exercise, and live; then visions of being trapped in the woods for a couple nights with potato chips, hot dogs, and s’mores are probably the daunting visions that resonate in your mind whenever “going camping” is mentioned. To keep your camping experience healthy, here are some simple tips:

Make a menu before you go. Concentrate on what you’ll be making for breakfast and dinner (the meals that the family will be most likely be eating together). Try to make the meals fun and involve everyone!
Below are some recipes that you might want to consider!

Stay active. Search for areas with plenty to do like hiking trails and games. If possible, bring your bikes!

Make sure you have plenty of fresh drinking water. If you’ll be staying at a site that doesn’t have full hookups, you may want to consider bringing your own water – and drink plenty of it! Staying hydrated is vital to your health, especially if the weather is hot!

Don’t forget the sunscreen and bug repellent! Even the best of trips can quickly turn into nightmares with the pain of a sunburn or the attack of hungry mosquitoes!

With just a little planning, camping can be a time to reflect on nature, get back to the basics of life and rediscover the things that are really important.
Happy Camping!

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Back to School Boot Camp 2016

boot-camp-logo-201618 WEEK PROGRAM INCLUDES:
  • Weekly nutrition and menu planning classes
  • Personalized eating plan
  • One-on-one counseling
  • Easy and effective exercise circuit
  • Soothing relaxation treatments
  • Synergie massage
  • Weight loss supplement package
  • 10-day Detox system
  • Exercise classes and plans
  • Weekly educational classes
  • Before and after body composition analysis
  • No contract necessary

Every class attendee will be entered to win 1/2 off!

Medford – Thursday, September 8 at 6pm
Limited Space. RSVP 541-772-2224!

Get the flyer here: medford-boot-camp-flyer

New to This Year’s Boot Camp:
Registration in S.O. Goodwill’s Running Dead 5k!


2015 Boot Camp Stories/Experiences

boot camp pic

“Boot Camp has encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone to exercise. I drive by Table Rock twice a day and have now made it to the top. The first hike I had to stop quite often just to breath. My new goal is to make it to the top with no stops. Each trip has been easier. My strength, stamina and breathing has improved markedly. We all started out as strangers and have become friends. The team captains are supportive and encouraging. At 60+ I even went to a P90X class after Hiking Roxy Anne in the snow. Sure beats sitting home watching TV!”
~Nancy C.

“Boot Camp has refocused my weight loss journey. I was least excited about the detox but it turned out to be my FAVORITE thing. I really enjoyed the structure of the 10 days. The biggest thing I learned was that I CAN resist the temptations. I am not where I want to be, but with the support of the Wellness Consultants, I will get there. Thank you for all your support and exposing me to all the different opportunities (mostly the detox!)”
~Kelly W.bootcamp pics
“My experience with the new well has been a wonderful journey. I’m 75 years old and absolutely do not feel like it! I have more energy, I’ve lost weight, I have more self-esteem and I’ve become so strong! It is not just physically, but also mentally. The staff has been encouraging the whole way. I love the staff; they make me feel so welcome. I am able to do things I haven’t been able to do for a long time. Age doesn’t matter, weight doesn’t matter. The staff is there for you.”
~Bev C.

boot camp 3
“Boot Camp was just what I needed to push and challenge me to be able to stick to a lifestyle change which was something I really needed after years of yo-yo dieting. I came within 3 pounds of my goal, only to gain most of it back over the past year. I have lost almost all of what I gained back and feel better mentally and physically than I have in years. While the program can be a bit intimidating at first, the staff and other members are so supportive and help get you through those tough days! I highly recommend Boot Camp to anyone who is struggling with their weight or feels stuck in a rut!”
~Susan E.

“What a wonderful program this is! I am having so much fun. I did this to help myself be a better me. It has boosted my self-confidence by completing hikes and exercises I had never done before. The classes were terrific and I learned a lot. The Detox program had me a little worried, but I realized I didn’t need to be. I learned that I like other foods and by the end of it I felt great! The support is amazing and I would do it again. I’ve lost weight and some inches but what I gained is more important: Confidence, strength and friends! Thank you for the amazing experience!”
~Bonnie P.

Guide to Eating Well in Restaurants

Why is it that we feel that eating out can be one of our greatest pleasures, unless we are trying to eat healthy?

Restaurants are businesses and want customers to be satisfied and come back again and again. As consumers, we want to feel like we are getting our money’s worth so portions are typically very large! Meals are often full of hidden salt as well as calories from fat and sugar.

A recent study of meals from ten restaurant chains found calorie counts averaging eighteen percent higher than the values listed by the restaurants.

Does eating well to lose weight (and feel great) mean that we can’t enjoy a meal out? Certainly not!

Use the following guidelines when choosing where and how you want to eat, when dining out:

1. Choose a restaurant in which you know there will be healthy options! Research the restaurants in your are and seek those offering fresh and well-prepared fare. There are many chefs whom use herbs and spices as well as gourmet cooking techniques to create flavorful dishes instead of relying on high-fat and high-sodium ingredients.

2. Find a place that has reasonable portions. If a restaurant is famous for huge portions, it may be tricky to order anything in a sensible size. Ordering à la carte or having a half portion is a great strategy to creating your best meals option.

3. Ask the server to skip the breadbasket, tortilla chips, or appetizer. These items definitely add to weight gain. If you’re with a group, pass the basket around then ask for it to be taken off the table. Enjoy a glass of freshly – brewed iced tea and focus on having a great conversation with your dining companions!

Here are some more healthy tips – while you’re dining out:

  • Select foods that are cooked healthfully such as proteins and vegetables that are grilled or steamed.
  • Ask your server to substitute the starch for double veggies, a salad, or fruit.
  • Request a to-go box at the beginning of your meal and set aside a portion of your food for a later time.
  • Try not to “save up calories” before going out to eat. Have a light snack beforehand.

 Set yourself up to succeed and enjoy your healthy meal!