Bombshell Boot Camp







“Boot Camp has encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone to exercise. I drive by Table Rock twice a day and have now made it to the top. The first hike I had to stop quite often just to breath. My new goal is to make it to the top with no stops. Each trip has been easier. My strength, stamina and breathing has improved markedly. We all started out as strangers and have become friends. The team captains are supportive and encouraging. At 60+ I even went to a P90X class after Hiking Roxy Anne in the snow. Sure beats sitting home watching TV!”
~Nancy C.

1 thought on “Bombshell Boot Camp”

  1. This is my 1st year doing the boot camp for the new well and im already amazed at how it’s working for me. Im learning a new way of dancing which is very fun and holly is pretty funny because she makes everything about boot camp fun. This boot camp is amazing the T Shirts r my favorite color…PINK!! If u see me at the new well i wear a lot of pink because its my favorite color. I would call myself a total pinkaholic!!

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